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DiAmantè Takes On Austin

LockE Recording Artist Performs at SXSW


Austin, Tx - The work is starting to pay off for recording artist DiAmantè. He can’t help but get excited about what has been transpiring early in his career. After the release of his of his debut single Company last year, which has garnered over 50,000 streams on Spotify and over 20,000 views on YouTube. He also made a handful of appearances which culminated In November when he performed at the Nerve DJs Music Conference in Cleveland, OH. 

So to open the year performing at SXSW seems unreal for the R&B artist. “Performing was dope, its still rather surreal that I performed at such a festival so early in my career. I realized that there are so many artists out there, working just as hard as I am to make it,” DiAmantè said. When asked how he plans on carrying the momentum from the conference he replied, “Work that much harder to push myself and LockE Recordings away from the crowd - Continue being my authentic self in person and in the music.” DiAmantè plans on taking on more than just Austin.